TABAQ also provide catering solution for its customers so that they can relax and enjoy their event. Whether it is dinner of 15 person at home or a huge wedding ceremony TABAQ is there to provide its customers an easy and convenient solution to make their event a memorable one.

For more information contact

- 0423 636 0823

- 0322 400 0811


Tabaq Restaurant is a very affordable casual restaurant.Most popular delivery restaurant and top food delivery,

Place your delivery and enjoy it in your home or office


- TABAQ LAKSHMI 042 36312482
- TABAQ GULBERG 042 35764844
- TABAQ FAISAL TOWN 042 35202313


Tabaq is obliged to make the seating and reservation procedures as smooth and fair as possible in order to elevate the total quality of the customer experience.

Seating procedures that show courtesy and care for the guest aids in building a pleasant first impression.

For Reservations:

- TABAQ LAKSHMI 042 36312137
- TABAQ GULBERG 042 35764845
- TABAQ FAISAL TOWN 042 35203568

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Usman Saeed (22 Feb, 2013)

I went for a hi-tea @ Tabaq Gulberg it`s a good place with Quite decent range of food with ok environment, service is good though i would definitely recommend their finger fish!!! And a place worth visit.

Zeeshan Ahmad (24 Nov, 2012)

I had a wonderful dinning experience at Tabaq in order to avail Chalo Deal for four persons. I have found Tabaq excellent in terms of ambiance, food quality, staff behaviour etc. Car Parking is not very large but that can be manageable. I would recommend everyone to visit Tabaq.

Azher Ikram (23 Feb, 2012)

tastefull simply...

Monis Rahman (09 Jan, 2012)

One of the best Pakistani food restaurants in Lahore, hands down!

Wajdan Qureshi (20 Aug, 2011)

If you havent tried it you are not a food lover